Andrea Armstrong


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  1. emilyungerer says:

    I can for surely relate to this especially with high schoolers or the younger generations growing up in a world full of technology, it would be interesting to see what statistics there are out there looking at the children growing up today and how their relationships are effected. I do not know much information besides how I can see the difference technology has made from when I was in elementary school to now.


  2. I do know a lot about contact and relationships: less dates and more texting, but I guess that is kind of basic and known already. I just wish I could know more about the trend, and compare and contrast relationships from the past to relationships today.


  3. ericksells says:

    There are good and bad aspects to technology in relationships. Of course, it is an easier way to communicate with your partner if you are physically away from each other, but when you are together it should not be consistently used. I know there are some people that believe meeting your partner through dating apps and websites is not a good thing, but I think that is opinionated. It would be interesting to see information of how modern technology can lead to peaceful relationships and even marriages.


  4. hefkay17 says:

    I think, because it is commonly known that technology can hurt your relationships (or better them), it would be really interesting to see how technology can affect your mental health and then how your mental health can affect your relationships.


  5. koecou says:

    I’ve actually thought about this quite a lot, especially with the 24-7 communication aspect and with irrelevant social media factors. Is there any information on how successful the average relationship was BEFORE this rise in technology? Also, what are you basing the health of the relationship on?


  6. When I first read your title about technology and relationships, I thought that the only thing that could be considered bad about technology would be something an older person would criticize our new technology age for. In most ways, I think technology can be used to improve human relationships, but at the same time, the over usage of technology can demolish the way we interact with people directly.


  7. rianaherbold says:

    Did you find any positive effects technology has on relationships? Just wondering.


  8. mulkay says:

    This is a great topic, especially with how prominent technology is in our culture today. I have personal experience with the topic. It would be interesting to see how different technologies affect relationships.


  9. Personally, one helpful thing that I’ve found is that technology allows us to widen the pool of people we know, and therefore the number of people we may find dateable


  10. I’ll say it. Sexting. It scares me. I am scared for my little niece in 5th grade. I’ve been told it’s a thing I need to worry about. and I do. I worry that this technology related thing is changing how young people think about what it means to get into and have a relationship. I’m so glad I’m an oldish person sometimes!
    Aside from that – technology allows you to track and snoop in so many more ways and I wonder if that plays a role in relationships. I wonder too if having a million dating websites makes it easier for people to bail on relationships too because there’s always someone else a few search terms away. Do we get to be TOO picky if we can select all the features of our ideal mates? Then again, in the modern world how do you meet new people? Hmmmm.
    I also heard that facebook is mentioned in a shocking amount of divorces as a cause for the breakup. I wonder if there is truth in that?


  11. dunnumpaige says:

    Are modern relationships less “healthy” than they were before everyone used technology?


  12. burkhardt.carlie says:

    I hate going to a restaurant and as I am getting seated, I look around at all the tables looking waiting for their food and all I see is the top of peoples heads while they look at their phone. People need to put their phone away and communicate vocally with the people around them. Take in everything around them. You can go on your phone later.


  13. katiekrien says:

    Alright so truth time here: I’m really happy I have like the whole relationship thing set! Because I would be super dumb at online dating. I’d be like (in my head) nah Katie don’t stereotype that they are all fake-profile online serial killers who are gonna kidnap me. And then in reality, I would go on the date, and it would totally happen! So I’m really happen that I don’t have to online date. How many people are (this is creepy) killed from online dates that are meeting for the first time?


  14. knutsjes000 says:

    I think it would be interesting to see the marriage rate and divorce rate for those who met online.


  15. trautmanemily says:

    I would like to know the statistics of how many couples have actually met online and how many have worked out. And maybe some personal stories of people who met the love of their life online and others who were catfished or it didn’t work out.


  16. huntermolly123 says:

    Are relationships worse and more focused on technology rather than each other with these advancements? How many couples break up over something technologically related?


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