Paige Dunnum

Perfectionism is a growing epidemic and is much more serious than we can understand. We are being pushed to maintain unhealthily high standards in our schools and workplaces, as well as in nearly every other aspect of our daily lives.

Several of the questions and comments that others made about my topic were addressed in my previous drafts, such as defining exactly what perfectionism and “perfect” means and whether it is negative or positive. In my next drafts I plan to expand on the potential benefits of having a perfectionistic mindset and explore exactly how and why our society became obsessed with being perfect. To do this I will need to research trends in societal values and perfectionism in past generations. I would also like to research the correlation between technology/social media and our need for perfection.


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  1. shaben17 says:

    In my opinion, perfection is a good goal because it produces excellence. In my personal experience this is not unhealthy, but I do know that stress does affect many people regardless of their ‘standards.’


  2. I believe perfection can be good to strive for in certain things, but has also taught us the wrong way to do things. For instance, in school, we are raised up and taught that we need to get A’s in every class or else… Nobody in my life has ever taught me to be anything less than perfect or at least good, so this makes me be extremely cautious to try new and different things I am not accustomed to.


  3. koecou says:

    It’s one of those things where you have to consider what’s more important: your performance or your self-esteem? Pushing people to always do perfectly will USUALLY make them, at the very least, do WELL, but they’ll probably feel horrible about themselves, as opposed to those who perform at a below average level with intact confidence.


  4. emilyungerer says:

    I would like to read and learn more about this because I agree, but do not know much statistics and information about what is truly occurring. I think as high schoolers especially we feel the pressure right now and it is something that is important for everybody to know about. I believe it is important to look at how our society can change and why are we like this?


  5. I feel like this whole thing has hit beauty standards and body image, along with the grading system, really hard


  6. mulkay says:

    I can strongly relate to this topic. Perfectionism is a very harmful mindset to have. I don’t know much about the topic other than my personal experience.


  7. I am extremely intrigued about the definition of perfection because I have been called a perfectionist myself. Now, I have seen positives come from my work, such as being successful and being on top of things. On the other way, I have seen negatives, such as pain, over-thinking, wasting my time, and a dent in my social life. I am interested to learn more about which side you take.


  8. schbra17 says:

    I agree with the statements Ben made. Perfection is a great goal, and it is a common goal for a large group of people. An unfortunate aspect of this is believing that one MUST obtain perfection as though the success of what they are doing depends on it. A need for excellence drives a person towards accomplishing their tasks in spectacular manner, but it seems this is often at the expense of one’s mental health.


  9. ericksells says:

    I agree that perfectionism is oftentimes not a good thing. In school, work, hobbies, and other aspects of our lives we should strive to be someone else, but the best version of ourselves. However, I am a strong believer in a healthy lifestyle. I seriously believe there is too much “Just love your body and don’t change it!” mentality in our society. It can sound rude and none of my business, but people promoting other people not to be healthy is unacceptable. Sorry for the rant


  10. burkhardt.carlie says:

    I have always wondered, when did grading in school become a thing? Was there a time people learned just to learn and they would not tested on their knowledge?


  11. nollabby says:

    I would be interested in what you would define perfect as. I also am interested if this is a good or bad thing because in my life, I have found it to be both good and bad.


  12. huntermolly123 says:

    Are we being pushed more because our society is growing with technology and the need for more advancements? It would be interesting to me to see the effects of past generations without these high expectations compared to our generation’s test scores, IQs, etc.


  13. knutsjes000 says:

    I agree that striving reach a level of perfection can be unhealthy, but why/how do we define something as “perfect”.


  14. katiekrien says:

    PREACH!!!!! I would read this and then pin it on my fridge in hopes that my parents would lower their standards a bit. I agree that school’s standards are placed high.

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  15. trautmanemily says:

    I made a video about this for our 9th grade project! I totally agree and think society is pushing us to be “perfect” but there is no such thing.


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