The Importance of culture in business


When expanding a business internationally, business owners must remember to follow the customs of the country they’re expanding to and they have to balance their own beliefs along with the beliefs of that of the new culture. If a business fails to do this, their business may not thrive in the new country. A business owner has to be willing to adapt, and must be open to change and new ideas. A common way many business owners begin to go international is through mentoring. Mentors have the opportunity to live and experience the culture of the country they’re looking to expand to, and have the opportunity to meet with others from that country.

This source is helpful because it talks about international customs and how culture is a big part of business. It talks about important things to consider when working internationally and how following a country’s culture can help a business thrive, and if an international business fails to follow customs of a country they’re doing business in, it can have significant negative impact on the success of that business.




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