Medication Adherence and Its Connection With Depression and Lifestyle Medicine

Medication Adherence

The article brings into perspective that life-style medicine can help not only physical diseases but also mental diseases. It states that although correct usage of medication does help, exercise can release the same chemicals as medication. Then it discusses patient adherence rates for medication and life-style changes, and says that life-style change adherence rates are even lower than medication adherence rates.

I could use this to argue that prescription medication is not effective and to address that physicians need to utilize life-style medicine.

In all honesty, I wanted to find an article discussing America’s overuse of prescription drugs, however, I could not find a higher-level source to do so. Perhaps I was not searching for the right thing. I know that in America many believe that prescription drugs are overprescribed and misused so I want to include that in my paper to show the current problems within methods of healthcare and why  a transition to life-style medicine is necessary. Now, I will need a source on what I stated above and also additional sources on life-style medication. Maybe I could look for a source discussing the challenge with life-style medicine and the reasons more doctors are not turning to it.


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