Care management and nursing governance in a maternity ward: grounded theory

  2. The article was about maternity wards.  A maternity ward is an area in a hospital that is dedicated specifically to mothers and newborn babies.  It is an area where nurses specialize in taking care of mothers and their children and an area where nurses assist with pre-birth, birth, and post-birth.  Several different models are believed to be beneficial for nurses to follow.  A few models are designed to help with managing nurses and their duties.  It could be a strategy to keep organized in a chaotic department.  In the nursing profession decision making skills are used all of the time and communicating is crucial.  This theory states that professional nursing should be strengthened through focusing on care management.  Planning is one strategy that is recommended.  Nurses are most successful when they have a set schedule and know exactly what they are needed to do during each shift they work to cut back on confusion.  Nurses are natural leaders.  They are looked up to by their patients and coworkers.  Nurses all work together in their departments to care for everyone.  Managing relationships with nurses teams is important because they will be together a lot and they could potentially be in very high stress situations together and they must be able to trust each other and act as leaders in their different roles.  It is also recommended that scientific knowledge is constantly updated and shared among nursing teams.  By staying in “the new” with information, nurses don’t have to worry about making the wrong decision and the nurses can be the best possible.  Through management, staying up to date on the latest findings, and being dedicated, maternity nurses are very respected.
  3.  I will use this information for examples of what it’s really like to be a maternity nurse.  I will use the parts where it talks about leadership, continuing research, and caring for patients.  This article has been very beneficial for my research.
  4. Now I need to start putting all of my ideas together and sorting out my sources and points and start forming a paper about maternity nursing!

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