Source #5

Click here for my source.

My source is about innovation in stopping Alzheimer’s Disease. I started out looking for a big pharmaceutical companies and I saw Johnson & Johnson. They are behind this groundbreaking research. In the article it talks about how they believe Alzheimer’s happens. They then go into how they are working on curing it. They plan on having vaccines available for people to take. They talk about plaque that forms in the brain and they will use a scan to see it. Scientists are trying to stop the plaque from forming.

I will use this to show big companies helping out. In the article it says Bill Gates invested $50 million in Alzheimer’s research. I will use this to show how much people are willing to pay in order to help others. They also explain Alzheimer’s very well and how they plan to go about curing it. I will this to show how far along they are and how the tests go.

Next I will look into how much the government puts into funding medical research. I want to know if they put in more than the public does.


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