Selling Insurance to Small Business (Source #5)

  1. Link:
  2. Summary: This article talks about why and how to successfully sell to small businesses. It starts out by mentioning how small businesses are usually overlooked and avoided because the commissions may be small compared to the large amounts of work needed to be done in order to get a small business to agree to work with you. It highlights how small-business owners are focused on mainly time and money, and it’s essential to incorporate these two things in consideration when making your sales pitch. Social media is very helpful for getting your work out to people in the community, especially today’s younger generation. In the end, if you can work hard and explain in detail why they should buy insurance from your company, you will be most successful.
  3. This will be an excelent source to go back to when focusing on the insurance business and how to be successful in it. I will use examples and tips they give in this article in my own paper (cited correctly of course!)
  4. I feel like I have five solid sources, and I need to read over each of them a few more times and grab the key ideas and facts that stick out to me most.

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