International Surgical Initiatives

A Framework for the Monitoring and Evaluation of International Surgical Initiatives in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

“A Framework for the Monitoring and Evaluation of International Surgical Initiatives in Low- and Middle-Income Countries” by George M. Ibrahim, David W. Cadotte, and Mark Bernstein researched the need for proper frame working of international surgical initiatives.  31 surgeons from around the world were surveyed on the “organization” of global surgery through verbal interviews or commentary.  After collecting the data they found there was four to five conclusions tied to global surgery.  First, “There is a large, unmet need to monitor and evaluate the success of missions through the establishment of prospective outcomes databases” meaning many surgeons would like to be able to properly collect reliable data to use.  Second, “There is a greater need to coordinate international initiatives within the larger global surgical community” . Global surgery missions would like to work more with smaller missions in order to target populations that have a higher need for surgery.  Thirdly, “Monitoring and evaluation must be performed longitudinally over the span of many years” . Much research from global surgery missions is only over a few months or a year.  This can lead to false data and misinforming communities, but accurate data from years of research can provide a more solutions for global surgical problems.  Lastly, “Monitoring and evaluation strategies should include broader regional and national indicators”.  Making national indicators would include public education and rehabilitation facilities to measure the success of  procedures.  In response to these needs researchers created the “FAIRNeSS criteria” (The Framework for the Assessment of InteRNational Surgical SuccessIn conclusion).  This set of criteria will measure the inputs and outputs of surgery to determine to success of international surgery missions.  In conclusion, FAIRNeSS criteria will help prove the success and great need for global surgery.

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 4.01.01 PM

I believe I will use this source in order to prove how researchers are planning on improving the global surgery field and what hopes they have for the future.  With all these sources combining statistics, logic, emotional ties, and a future plan I think all I need now is to figure out how to combine them into a logical idea to persuade others.


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