How US leadership affects international business


The 2017 election had international business communities worried that trade with the US would come to a halt following a new leadership. Some fear the end of globalization because many businesses tend to stay within the countries they are familiar with.  However, the American dollar has been going up in value, helping American business to thrive. Trade may decrease somewhat with Trump as the American president, but it will not completely stop. Companies may have to learn to adapt to new changes, which may include changing products, policies, and marketing strategies in order to be better suited in a more competitive, changing economy.

This source is helpful as it recognizes the fact that when the United States has a change in leadership, not only does it affect the US, but other countries as well. Britain also underwent a major change in the past year that affected international business (Brexit), which I wrote about in my last post. This source is helpful as it illustrates the changes in international business from an American point of view.


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