Career Goal-Source 5

This source is a great for looking at first or second year medical students going through a simulation of what it would be like to be a neurosurgeon. Throughout the article, the authors explained how each student felt after they completed the an elective of going through a neurosurgeons life, and if they felt that they could still have a social life. It helped students realize what needed to be balanced and if the students wanted to further their knowledge on collegiality, the quality of life, and family-work balance.

I will use these findings to help me understand what it actually takes to be a neurosurgeon. I realize that I can have a life outside of work and I do not need to base everything off of my job. It takes a lot more work than I may expect and I need to be determined to reach my goal. Reading about how the students felt during the course and what they felt that they could achieve, it made me realize that not everyone will enjoy the career they have always thought they would.

I hope that my medical school that I go to will have an elective like this so I can go through what the life of a surgeon would be like. I will use this source to realize that it will take a lot of time, and to tell others that  if you go to college and realize that the major is not what you were thinking, it is okay to change it.


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