Designing, Implementing and Evaluating Preclinical Simulation Lab for Maternity Nursing Course- Source #4


2.The research I read about was about how students felt after completing and working in a simulation lab.  The students studied and practiced in the lab for 3 weeks.  The individual simulation started by the patient listing their symptoms and the student had to identify what is wrong and what they can do to help.  That is only one example of what happened though.  There were a couple phases to this process.  After the students completed their 3 week clinical lab experience, they were surveyed by their instructors.  The results were amazing, as was the data that was collected.  The instructors made several tables displaying students responses and feelings.  Also, several graphs and charts were created to be able to visually see the data.

3.  I think I will use this information to help support the idea that nursing students, especially maternity nursing students are not getting the proper real life experiences and that a lab will work.  Although it is not a real human, it works the same.

4.  I need to know more about what goes on in a day of the life of a maternity nurse so I can see how not being prepared and experienced is a problem for individuals trying to pursue that field of nursing.


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