Career Goal-Source 4

This source describes an appalling disease, Huntington, that impacts the way your body grows when you get older. It is a genetic disorder that is from a repeat in letter codes. A section of the body contains three nucleotides, the letters C-A-G- repeats multiple times in a row and usually ranges in a healthy human between 8 and 35. For those with higher numbers of C-A-G, they will eventually obtain the disease when they are 30 to 50 years old. Every human has Huntington because it helps the nervous system develop before birth, but each person varies with how it grows. The disease causes immobility in the body and the person will eventually die early from the disease.

I find this source helpful because it explains a genetic disorder that I never knew about. I think it is helpful for me because I plan to major in this field and will be learning more about genetics.

I will use this to further my knowledge in biology and research more about genetic diseases that happen in the brain.


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