Career Goal-Source 3

This article described the effects on temperature changes of fish. The cold water temperatures cause inflammation of the fish chest and cause stress to it. Leukocytes (colorless cells that counteract in foreign diseases) in the blood, kidney and spleen reacted with a normal immune response to the temperatures. Every fish differs in the types of water temperatures they are in, but these fish that were being tested were rainbow trout. The article continues to explain oxygen levels and immune cells working throughout the body as these temperatures went on.

This article is helpful for me because I would like to major in Biochemistry and I know that I will have to work on labs like this one. In AP Biology, we have worked on fairly similar labs, but not this in depth.

I will continue to look into biology field research and see how much it helps with the career I would like to go into. I have always enjoyed biology and I have to do research that is more elaborate in my field.


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