The Silence Breakers and ‘I Believe The Women’

This article explains how hard it can be to talk about sexual harassment in Hollywood. Many, if not all, people are afraid that if they do speak up, they could get blackballed, lose their money and their reputation, along with other things. Ashley Judd, an actress, was sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein in 1997. She spoke up about him right away, but news did not really get out until she talked about it in The New York Times. She says how she heard from a screenwriter friend that Harvey’s sexual behavior towards women was an “open secret” all around Hollywood. Many other stars, and normal people have stayed quiet about the sexual harassment in their lives too. Some maids even said that they would not report men in hotel rooms sexually harassing them because they were too afraid they would lose money they need for their families. Since the first claim of Harvey Weinstein came out, many other people have come out with their experiences of sexual harassment. Stars such as Alyssa Milano and Taylor Swift even admit to have been sexually harassed in the past. As more and more things come out of the media, things are beginning to get stopped. Megyn Kelly, a journalist who was sexually harassed acknowledges that this acknowledgement “feels more like a promise than a certainty. But for the moment, the world is listening.”

I think I can use this source as more evidence of sexual harassment in Hollywood and how people are afraid to speak out about it.

Now I need more information on sexual harassment.

This article talks about sexual harassment and how it has evolved over the years. Anita Hill was the first woman to report a sexual assault to Congress, and she was met with a lot of skepticism. Since then, many things have changed. For the moment, when someone accuses someone else of sexual harassment, they are believed. From Roy Moore making sexual advances on many women to multiple accusations of Kevin Spacey. Men are now beginning to fear that women might wrongly accuse them just to hurt them. It is a possibility that is worried about, but only time will tell if those false accusations happen. A senator, Claire McCaskill, was sexually harassed many times. She reports how all of her colleagues have treated her with respect after the incidents. She believes that is how every women should be treated. “That is the environment we need to foster here in the Senate, that everyone feels OK if you come forward,” McCaskill says. In 1992, women won 47 seats in the House, and picked up 4 seats in the Senate. This was Hill’s biggest achievement in female empowerment. Even since then, things have changed a lot, and female empowerment is growing everyday.

I can use this source to give some background information, and I can use it to explain how men are worried about being falsely accused.

Now I need to put all of my sources together and see if I need more history of sexual harassment.


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