Success in Insurance (Source #4)

  1. Link:
  2. Summary: This article goes in depth on the importance it is for people to have their own independent sales agent helping them figure out what areas they need to spend money for insurance on. The author is a reliable source because he has been in the insurance industry for over 40 years. He talks about how many people choose to buy their insurance only based on price and convenience and not adequacy and the appropriate coverage they need. The author also stresses the idea that now more than ever, it’s much easier to get your message and company out to the public with the access to all of today’s technologies.
  3. In the future, it will be my job to help my clients make the best decision for themselves. As an independent sales agent I will be responsible for making sure they get what they need, and this article gave me my first real source (besides my Dad who is in the insurance business) from someone in the field I will be pursuing.
  4. Now, I need to narrow my focus down to more sources like these and learn from people that have been in insurance for many years. This way, I will be finding primary sources that people have gone through in their own lives.





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