Student and educator experiences of maternal-child simulation-based learning: a systematic review of qualitative evidence protocol. Source #3


2.This article was about nursing students and the challenges they are facing with shortages.  Currently the birthrate is declining all around the world, so students are scrambling to get hands on experience with real patients.  Some women have also changed their minds about giving birth, instead of having it public (with nurses they don’t know) they are preferring to give birth in a more “intimate” setting, a private place.  With this new idea, less mothers are entering into hospitals.  With the shortages of mothers and experiences it is becoming extremely difficult to have a clinical in the maternity area of a hospital.  Colleges are fighting for spots for their students, so they can be the best.  There is currently a gap in registered nurses.  The gap has formed because the nurses are not ready to be on their own because they have not had the proper experiences.  It is not that they didn’t learn the material because they did learn it, they were not able to apply the skills which is where they learn the most.  The article stresses the importance of new nursing students, and especially those who are near graduation practicing their skills on simulators.  Now simulations are being created so that multiple students can work together on a patient or patients.  Especially with maternity nursing, teamwork and communication skills are crucial.  Many nurses are present during a birth and they must be able to work together so the mother is calm and comfortable.  The simulators provide experiences and practice for the students and after the simulation the students meet with their professor for a debriefing session where they watch footage and discuss how the exercise went.  Students like the debriefing so they can learn from their mistakes and fix minor faults.  With the simulator practice students are more ready for clinicals and even ready for the real deal.

3.I can see myself using this article in the future for my paper.  I am really enjoying the challenges of a nursing student and the struggles especially within the maternity units.  This article has great points and awesome facts and suggestions.

4. Next I am going to try and find different student’s experiences and read real journals.  I would like to read what it’s like from a students perspective.


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