Source #4

Click here for my source.

I clicked on this source because it talked about the price of medical research. They said it takes around $10 million to research one drug. Farther down the source it talks about the process of making a drug. It wasn’t specific to one drug but an overview of the entire process from coming up with an idea to public release. It talked about why money is a problem and how business won’t make cheap drugs because they won’t make a big profit off them.

I originally wanted this source to talk about the cost, but this source describes the drug making process too. I will use this source as a way to bring in the scope of how expensive curing things actually is. I might use $10 million as a good hook. I will also use this source to describe the process of making a drug. I’ll talk about where it actually gets expensive.

Next I want to look for an actual pharmaceutical company. I want to see how they operate and what the workplace is like.


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