Source 3: Gov. Walker signs nurse licensing expansion bill

Summary: This source is about Governor Walker passing a bill in Wisconsin that allows nurses to use their license in several states. With being able to do this nurses won’t need to get a different license for every state they work in. They then won’t need to go through more training to get another license.

I anticipate to use this in my writing when talking about the shortage of nurses. It took more time to get another license, so nurses weren’t available as promptly as they could be. This also gives a nurse more flexibility when traveling to different places in the US.

Moving forward I need to find information on the baby boomers and what is happening that is causing a shortage in nurses. I could also search for what some previous policies were that restricted nurses from obtaining jobs quicker.


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  1. jakeiliff says:

    That was a very recent story (so talk about timing!) From what I saw it only applied for out of state nurses to practice in Wisconsin, and it doesn’t talk about Wisconsinite nurses practicing in other states with their Wisconsin license though. But I know that that’s other state laws for dictating how they want out of their state nurses practice in their state. Do you plan to nurse out of state or in state?


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