Mission of Mercy

Mission of Mercy


“Mission of Mercy” by Roger DuPuis is an article about Dr. Domingo Alvear, a surgeon who created The World Surgical Foundation.  Dr. Alvear started his humble beginnings in the Philippines where he would help his uncle with medical house visits.   From there he eventually became a surgeon and helped treat victims and and military personal during the Vietnam war.   Him and his wife then moved to the U.S. where they furthered their education and eventually settled down with a family in Pennsylvania.  It wasn’t until he joined the Society of Philippine Surgeons in America that he realized the extreme need for global treatment of surgery, thus began The World Surgical Foundation in 1997.  This organization not only provides surgeries for free to low income countries, but also provides training to local health care providers and donates much needed medical equipment.  The foundation has provided thousands of people a better and healthier life all because of one man’s passion to serve others.

I plan to use this source as an example of a successful global surgery mission organization as well as add some emotion to my paper.  Much of my research has been statistics and logistics of these missions, but I believe I need to show some stories and success in order to prove my point better.  Seeing Dr. Alvear’s passion for serving others also shows why many organizations want to participate in these missions.

I believe I still need more stories like this and give my readers even more reasons why we should be doing this.  Statistics may give proof for the need of global surgery, but tugging at a reader’s heart may go much farther than a couple numbers.


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