Global Surgery Missions “Pure Service Delivery”

Pro: Pure service delivery is still needed in global surgery missions

(article found originally on Pubmed)

“Pro: Pure service delivery is still needed in global surgery missions” by Michelle White explains the on going need of global surgery missions, but also explains how we should deliver them.  A study done in 2015 showed that 5 billion lack accessible and affordable surgery around the world.  On top of that 81 million people who were able to access surgery fell into major debt and financial ruin.  If we are to provide affordable and effective surgery to middle and low income countries we need to do it with the idea of only providing the best care.  Many global surgery missions are not practicing “pure service delivery” and instead try to train other surgeons and collect research all while providing care within surgery.  This may sound like a good idea to begin with, but trying to teach a resident surgery in a foreign country has never gone well and focusing on research can lead to distractions from the actual procedures.  Pure service delivery provides care solely for the purpose of healing others, but not saying we shouldn’t collect data based on procedures.  The data collected could be used to promote to cost-effectiveness and efficiency of global surgery missions.  Overall, global surgery missions need to be focused on the idea of helping those in need, not training or research.

I find this article very helpful because not only does it bring the immense need of global surgery missions into perspective, but makes a plan to take action.  Michelle White provides a detailed plan of how to effectively carry out global surgery and how to receive the best results.  Knowing that other surgeons are already making plans to improve global surgery missions makes me hopeful for my own future in this career.


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