Brexit effects on International Business


Brexit was voted on in 2016, by citizens of the United Kingdom. They voted to leave the European union, and the bill was passed. After Brexit, the American international business community was worried that relationships with the UK and Europe would be strained. In addition, the US treasury department warned American corporations that the UK exiting the EU, may threaten US financial security due to the fact that the UK may now have strained relations with the European Union and this could affect past investments. Some companies originally based in the United Kingdom, may move to different countries, in which they have more stability which will in turn affect the UK’s business economy as fewer businesses will be thriving. In addition, international companies may limit their business in the United Kingdom, which will also impact the United Kingdom’s economy. Brexit not only has impact on the United Kingdom, but all countries, including the United States, who wish to make business deals with the UK.

This source has been helpful, as it shows real world examples of International Business in place. When companies are looking to expand their business internationally, they must make sure that they are entering a stable economy. This source has explained how a once stable economy has started to become rocky after a new policy change. In the field of international business, economies are constantly changing and companies want to make sure they are investing their company in a stable economy.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. koltan18 says:

    I was not able to view this source. What would happen to a company if the economy became unstable?


  2. jakeiliff says:

    Like Tanner I can’t see the source you used. From the discussion yesterday you talked about England leaving the EU and how much of a blow it did for both economies. My question to you is how can both economies recover?


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