Sales Versatility (Source #2)

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  2. This article is primarily about positive customer service and how to successfully communicate with different types of people. A big idea presented is the word “versatile” which in this context is the ability to talk and satisfy different people.  It talks about how some customers will see salespeople to be too friendly while others may not be friendly enough, and this can lead to an unsuccessful sale. It’s all about finding a happy medium and a balance between the two. It also mentions how some people are born with naturally great “people skills” while others need to work harder. Overall, it helps to be versatile and learning how to deal with different types of people will go a long way in finding success as a sales person.

3. I can use this information by trying to become as versatile as possible. I think I already have excellent people skills and usually can connect with almost all of my customers at my job at Subway, but in the future I will most likely deal with a wider variety of people. It’s my job to be able to handle any situation that is presented to me, and I think this article opened my eyes about becoming more versatile so I can be as successful as possible.

4. Now, I need to continue to strengthen my people skills. I will keep positively communicating with my customers and get better at having more patience.


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  1. Isn’t it crazy that we know how important customer service is, yet it’s often a low paying career?


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