High-Fidelity Simulation for Senior Maternity Nursing Students

  1. http://web.a.ebscohost.com/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?vid=7&sid=f429626c-3344-4eda-bf00-4019a44fcdd5%40sessionmgr4007

2. This piece was about maternity nursing students and why they should not only have clinical experience but also have experience in labs.  Research has shown that nursing students are not getting the real experience they need to be on their own during clinicals.  Whether it be not having enough mothers, or having too many students, more experience is needed researchers say.  The article states that students should be required to perform clinicals and also perform their skills in a lab with a high-fidelity simulator.  A high-fidelity simulator is fancy for a high-tech mannequin that is practically a person and does everything a person does besides the fact that it does not have a brain and it is not a real human, it can never die.  Students are learning things in the classroom that they are not able to practice while hands on in a clinical and some skills must be practiced and perfected before the student is ready to be on their own.  Overall instructors would like all students to practice in the real setting and also in the lab

3. I anticipate to use this piece as evidence.  I have been looking at research for actual nursing students, so I might gear my research towards the process of becoming a maternity nurse, and the different challenges different people have to face.

4.  I now need to know more about what it takes to become a maternity nurse, and the challenges that occur throughout the process and after graduation.


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