Forming International Business Relationships


In order to create successful business relationships in the international marketing community, one must first remember that intimidating behavior will not improve overall employee satisfaction, nor will it build successful relationships between marketing channels. The best way to build strong relationships with employees and international marketers is to use communication, trust, and to be committed to the overall product. If conflicts should arise between employees, it is suggested that managers use resource- based view (RBV) and knowledge- based view (KBF) when dealing with conflicts and differences in opinion. When managers use non coercive power, they are reassuring employee- manager relations, and are not using their power to belittle employees. This in turn creates more efficient and better overall employees. It also helps employees learn the right way to network with other international and national channels.

This source will help me talk about how to create successful business relationships and how to correctly solve conflicts without being “harsh”. It will also help me write about the importance of communication and how communication is used daily in business.

I need a source that talks about what some of the problems people in the international business community face. There could be a difference in opinion from country to country, or if certain countries have different rules when it comes to doing business with one country versus another.




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  1. can’t open a full-text version of this source – yet.


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