Why Universities Are Failing Finance Students

Link: http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=buh&AN=125826959&site=bsi-live

Marcos López de Prado, Harvard grad student and executive at fixed-income specialist Guggenheim Partners, believes “Finance in the lab is a lot different from finance on the factory floor”.  Local colleges aren’t doing students justice. Institutions like MIT and Caltech are producing “quant-nerds” that are running hedge funds. Lopez believes in order to save financial education in smaller locals schools they need to incorporate apprenticeship. The students need real-life experience because the financial world is always changing. López de Prado states, “Half of the books about finance are written by authors who have not practiced what they teach,” he says in an interview. “They contain extremely elegant mathematics that describes a world that does not exist. The other half of the books are written by authors who offer explanations absent of any academic theory. They misuse mathematical tools to describe actual observations.”


This info is useful because it is reassuring the need for financial education and how hard it is to learn practical information. I could possibly use the info here to find new research topics regarding financial education such as the lack of quality school programs or the need for real-life experience in the financial field.


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  1. craigmeg18 says:

    This source looks reliable being that it is a database and has information you can trust. The source can be used with knowledge of going into college next year and if you are looking into the business field. I wonder if past generations have had this problem and what schools should change in order to help us learn the correct ways of financing. This seems like an interesting topic and could be useful to many.


  2. whitbeckjacob says:

    This source looks like a quality baseline source. I feel like it is a solid gateway to researching about the lack of proper, realistic education in the finance field. I feel like this will lead you on to some good research.


  3. kateschroeder12 says:

    This is a good source. This source could also give you direction on what you want to focus on, whether it be how financial education is taught in schools or how people think that finances work.


  4. burrdanielle says:

    This source is reliable and relevant. You could use this information to discuss how a change in financial education could better prepare new financial businessmen for the work force. Also, you could include a business’s perspective on incoming workers to either support or deny this claim.


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