The Improvisational Surgeon

The Improvisational Surgeon: Cardboard Casts, No Power, Patients Galore

“The Improvisational Surgeon: Cardboard Casts, No Power, and Patients Galore” by Jason Beaubien is an article about how surgery in third world countries is struggling to find the bare necessities for operations.  The article follows a surgeon, Dr. Forster Amponsah, from Ghana and a “normal” day for him.  Normal for Dr. Amponsah is an understatement for most “western” surgeons.  His day included the power going out, critical machines breaking down, staff shortages, and using plastic bottles and cardboard for surgical instruments and casts.  This article is just one story of thousands around the world showing the struggle of surgery in third world countries.

I am hoping to become a general surgeon in the future in order to help people regain their health and improve their life.  It is important that I give back to my community by doing this, but a big part of me wants to help change the world for the better.  I believe by globalizing surgery I, and many others included, could change people’s lives around the globe.  I wanted to research global surgery mission in order to better understand how I can help others and to bring awareness to this great need.


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