The experience of Egyptian male student nurses during attending maternity nursing clinical course


2. This article was about Egyptian male nursing students, working in the University of Cairo’s Maternity Hospital.  There was a study conducted to find how the students were treated and how they felt during their clinical experience there.  The first part of the study included the female patient.  Over 30% of female patients did not even consider having a male student in the room observing or assisting.  The women tended to feel more comfortable with other female clinical students in the room.  The male students reported that they also encountered very uncomfortable situations throughout the experience, which they did not care for.  A lot of the experiences the male students found interesting happened after the birth of the child.  For example, examining the newborn, and instructing classes for mothers.  About 40% of the male students described the maternity nursing clinical as embarrassing.  After the data was collected and the students shared how they felt during and after the clinical experience, two suggestions were made.  The first suggestion was having male nursing students complete more exercises in a skills lab, with mannequins.  It was also suggested the the students focus more on male health, looking more closely at the male reproductive system.  The second suggestion was to have the male student pair up with a female student to make the situation less awkward for the patient and the student.  The article illustrated that most women do not care for males to assist with their birth, and that they would prefer to work with female nurses.

3.  This article will be helpful for me because of the facts and data that support women nurses.  I am not quite sure what my topic is, but this article was very juicy and full of great data.  I enjoyed reading about the experiences different types of people face in nursing clinicals and I am going to try to incorporate that into my paper!


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  1. shaneskaarfor3 says:

    The source you found looks solid, and it gives good facts and statistics to back up their statement on why there needs to be a push for female nurses. I recommend keep looking for sources like these that give facts and studies like these, and it will strengthen your knowledge and desire for becoming a nurse even more!


  2. koltan18 says:

    This source seems so interesting. The data that was included was intriguing, and I like how you can incorporate it with the experiences of the birthing process. In your writing this source could also be used as a point for describing how the patient is feeling during their experience along with the medical team giving the care.


  3. Your summary leaves no doubt in a reader’s mind that you read the source well. Be advised with foreign research, you’ll need to get out ahead of any naysayers in your audience who may argue that “that’s there, not here” perhaps by including companion U.S. research that verifies the results. This is an interesting angle too – men, not just in nursing generally, but in maternity care specifically.


  4. jakeiliff says:

    This was a good source and has some interesting points in it. Keep in mind however that this was a foreign study and there are differences in culture between America and Egypt. I found it interesting that in the reading it showed that the male nurses felt very awkward ( I would have too) and should always team with a female nurse. Overall a very good source.


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