Source 2- Here’s How Hollywood Is Responding to the Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Louis C.K.

This article explains how companies and individuals have responded to the sexual harassment allegations of Louis C.K. These allegations followed other accusations of powerful figures in Hollywood, such as Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Brett Ratner. Each of these men have either denied answering questions or denied the accusations all together. Many different companies such as HBO and FX have responded to the allegations of Louis C.K. Since then, many other people have commented on Twitter about C.K.’s accusations.

I think I could use this article to further support evidence that there are many sexual harassments in Hollywood. I could also use it to explain what some companies do after one of their clients is accused to sexual misconduct. Now, I need more sources and more examples of sexual harassments in the Hollywood area with or having to do with celebrities.


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