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This article shows the need for more physicians in the future. This includes people in family medicine, general practice, general internal medicine, and pediatrics. The shortages in certain specialties is estimated to be anywhere from the low to high thousands. The shortage is happening because of a high number of retirees and the increasing population.

I can use this research to see how the health care field is changing in numbers. There is a need for more doctors as they are getting more patients. It is an interesting problem to tackled, and I could look to see what they are trying to do for a solution.


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  1. kenaholson says:

    Looks like a very very good and reliable source with a lot of helpful information. You could use this source to compare the different specialties and which one would most likely be successful for anyone who needs to decide what they would like to do in this field.


  2. Brittany Kothari says:

    Ebsco is a great source and your article looked very reliable! If you are looking for more medical related articles I would highly recommend Pubmed. Overall, I feel this article can relate to your topic very well and emphasize the extreme need for this career in the future.


  3. benrblack says:

    I think this source is very credible, and the numbers make sense to me. The source also does a very good job of making itself readable. For me, I could see you using this source to spell out the number of physicians that the future will need, but I think that you could go even further with this source by spelling out what type of physicians will be most needed, and the reasons that there will be a lack of physicians in the future. This source does a great job of giving numbers and how they got those numbers, but as for how it affects the future, the first two or so pages show no implications of applying these numbers to a cause and effect type of analysis. That being said, it would be your job as a writer to use these numbers to help predict the effects that the lack of physicians will have on the future.


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