Neurology Source 2

The article describes a cyber doctor who helps patients with a rare disease and how she is able to lead them into comfort knowing that they are cared for and not alone. She explains throughout the article how a doctor must be an expert in the field and in the disease they are trying to treat. Dr. Agnihotri also explains how it will take awhile to be educated in caring for patients. She gives the basics of referring patients to other specialists in the particular area the disease may be and how to train others in being a physician for these types of patients.

Un-solvable diseases have been a frustrating confusion for most of my life. I wonder how people cope knowing that they have rare disease. The reason I would like to become a neurosurgeon is to help find a solution to ending trigeminal neuralgia. There is no cure as of now and I would like to do a lot of research/experiments in finding different ways to treat patients with this. The pain that is given from this disease is excruciating, so I want to help those who have it to be able to cope with it. I will use this by learning the basics in treating patients and what it takes to get to the position. I think this will be beneficial for me to know that every patient I might receive will not be able to be treated by me. They may have to be referred to another doctor. This is extremely helpful for those who are not sure of the consequences of becoming a doctor, or surgeon in my case.

I now need to research more about doctor’s who go through the same difficulty, but ones that are seeing patients face to face instead of virtually. I think researching how surgeons feel when they have not fully helped the patient will help me decide more towards being a physician or surgeon.




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