Communicating Effectively in Business (Source #1)


This article gives tips on how to successfully communicate with coworkers, your boss, or any person in general. They talk about how spending a little time thinking about what you want to say before delivering can go a long way and help get your point across better. Visual aids will really help the audience stay engaged and interested in your topic as well. One of the examples of effective communication is the what the U.S Navy do. They have a 3 step procedure on how to train soldiers- “tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, and tell them what you told them.” This way, you will get your point across and everyone will be on the same page moving forward. It also mentions how it’s important to know who the audience is, so you can choose your wording carefully and speak so everyone will understand what you’re saying. Feedback should also be welcome, and that way you’ll know if your audience interpreted your message correctly.

I can benefit and use this information by putting it in use anytime I am speaking with my peers, coworkers, or my manager. I will use the 3 steps the U.S Navy uses in order to give information because that seems like a very effective way to inform people as clearly as possible. I will tell the person/group of people what I’m going to tell them, tell them, and then repeat what I told them. Hopefully with more knowledge like this I can be a more successful speaker and effectively communicate in a business setting


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  1. jakeiliff says:

    I think that this a reliable source. Since you are using Ebscohost it is very reliable, and from what I read it is full of interesting ideas. I could use this source for what I want to do in the future, as if I want to educate others I need good communication skills for teaching others.

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  2. koltan18 says:

    The material in this source is also good in terms of writing. You could use this as evidence to back up how important clear communication is within the business setting. Is the method of telling what, then actually telling, and then repeating needed in every line of work?

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  3. I might recommend also shifting your search parameters to, say, the last 10 years – as 1999 is a bit far back. You might find a more modern source that verifies/confirms this tried-and-true Navy method.

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  4. emilysteele1 says:

    Although the article may be older, the need for communication is still very important. Communication is actually very important with all of the technology we have today. I think that the article illustrates several good examples of how communication differs in multiple situations. Maybe some of the info from this article could be used in speech! I could see this article being used for giving examples of ways different people communicate and different strategies. Nice summary!

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