Source 1: CNAs are speaking–But are you listening?

Summary: In this article the author talks about concerns that CNA’s have in their line of work. They discuss issues such as being able to communicate easily with the DON, the supplies they are provided with, and flexible scheduling opportunities. A main broad topic is what should and shouldn’t be happening in the workplace. Their overall goal is to look at ways to provide better and more efficient care to patients. I anticipate to use the information from this site to find topics that CNA’s are concerned with. Then I will use that information to expand more research on these topics.


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  1. emilysteele1 says:

    I think that your source is credible and is full of good info! Are CNAs given all of the equipment that they need to do their job well? Are they appreciated for the jobs they perform? I am going to be taking a CNA course this summer and I think this is a very interesting topic! I think that this is a good “background” article that will help lead you in the right direction for your research. Looking good so far:)


  2. jakeiliff says:

    I would say that this is a credible looking source. One thing that stuck out to me was: “It’s an honor to give part of my life to someone who needs it.” As that is a good sign of passion in their work and their desire to help others. I myself would never see myself being a CNA as I do not know what muscles makes up a certain part of the body or why is it necessary for doctors to hit your knee with the stick thing to test out reflexes. But from what I read it is very informative and a good bit of knowledge to apply in the future.


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