This source gives a general overview of what accounting is, what accountants do, different careers in accounting, etc. It gives a detailed rundown on basic accounting topics, which is good for a somewhat-beginner like me. This source is also very helpful because it contains links to other sources in which go into further detail about a certain topic.

Since my desire to become an accountant is relatively new, I figured that a source that gives a detailed introduction to accounting basics is a good place to start. This source is quite detailed, yet it’s simple enough so none of it will go over my head. I will use it as a source to further build my knowledge on accounting, adding on to the little that I know beforehand.




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  1. kateschroeder12 says:

    This looks like a quality up to date source, since it was created in July of this year. I think that it is good that you used your first source to just learn the basics of accounting.


  2. davidiscool11 says:

    I agree with Kate! Have you ever seen the movie The Accountant? Well, the main character Christain Wolff is a freelance accountant that goes to work for dangerous criminal organizations to take them down. I feel like this could be you. A detective accountant!


  3. I’m glad you acknowledge the accessibility aspect of this trade publication here – this would not qualify as a scholarly source you’d be able to cite in a collegiate college class in accounting. Going forward, I’d like to see you try to find and analyze richer source material.


  4. craigmeg18 says:

    This looks very reliable and constructed simply. I think this is a great source for people who know little information and need the basics. I like how they explain what accountants are good for and their job. I would use this to look more at the ratios being they listed them off and gave a brief description. I think this is a good start to researching in your desired field.


  5. burrdanielle says:

    This source is a nice basic summary, perhaps next time use a source like this for your own benefit to discover the basics and then search a scholarly source for a more detailed analysis. Try searching reliable Newspaper’s websites to uncover the linings of new problems, concerns, or ideas within accounting and then search a scholarly source based on your previous findings for a reliable analysis. I don’t know much about accounting. Perhaps you could look into what the future of the accounting business may look like (compare and contrast it to current or past roles of accountants), discuss what effects (if any) that accountants feel as businesses transition to largely online corporations, or maybe talk about the challenges new (young) accountants face when applying for jobs.


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