Surgical Global Health Programs

“The Need for Formal Surgical Global Health Programs and Improved Mission Trip Coordination”

(originally found article on Pubmed)

“The Need for Formal Surgical Global Health Programs and Improved Mission Trip Coordination” by Dr. Sarr Medoff and Dr. Jeffrey Freed explains the demand of surgical health programs around the world.  The doctors began their research by creating a survey to send to multiple surgical organizations in the United States and Canada to inquire about global surgical health program options.  The survey’s response rate was only 14%, but they gained helpful information from it.  They learned that few surgical organizations have a global health program and many had no idea they could communicate or work with other profit organizations.  Survey respondents also claimed barriers to these programs were the safety and credentials of partnering non-profit organizations.  Many believe that overcoming this barrier includes enhancing NGO coordination and creating a national registration.  Overall, global health efforts need to be more effective which means including proper training, efficient programs, and improved communication.


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  1. hunterwake says:

    This is a very reliable source that explains why a lack of surgical operations is a problem. People should have the opportunity to receive proper treatment when they need it. The source lays out what causes these situations and what needs to be done to prevent them. The causes and effects are great resources that you will be able to use. I would now look in the direction of what they are doing to prevent the lack of surgical programs worldwide (programs, funding, training, etc.). Overall, your topic is an interesting idea that I have never thought about.


  2. benrblack says:

    Definitely not a bad article to use, but what purpose is it being used for? I think that this source could and would really impact a paper written about the life expectancy in LMICs, or maybe you could direct a train of thought towards what benefits these mission trips would serve. I do think that while the world could be helping LMICs by performing surgeries for them, this article could also beg the question “Why don’t the low- and middle- income countries have access to the same education that our surgeons have?” Just as a last thought though, why do we only send people over seas to heal people on these trips to save hundreds? Why aren’t we sending people over seas on trips that intend to teach others how to perform these surgeries and save the lives of thousands?


  3. kenaholson says:

    Great source, I agree with what Ben said. Many write something about how we should send people to teach others how to perform these surgeries. Maybe also look into some personal stories to get some more personal stories about someones experience doing it.


  4. I was also looking for how you planned on using the information in this source.


    1. brittanykothari says:

      I’m sorry I completely forgot about that! When I found this source I was hoping to use it to bring awareness to the great need LMICs have for surgery. Many people don’t know that there are billions of people that need surgery around the world that don’t have access to it. I hope that we will be able to help many of those people by providing these missions.


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