Source 1

  2. This source explains how children who have mental health issues do not receive the help they need in school. It talks about how a psychologist is there to help them understand a path, development, provide recommendations, or even help with understanding what is wrong with them. Lastly it closes saying that it can lead to underachieving students who have the capability to do so much if they get the assistance they need.
  3. I anticipate to use this if I explain the effects of mental health issues in children, and how a psychologist can help lead them.

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  1. Brittany Kothari says:

    Just as I said earlier on Hunter’s post Ebsco is a fantastic resource, but if you are in need of even more articles Pubmed is very helpful. I really like your topic choice and find it interesting. What kind of psychology are you thinking of going into (education, clinical, research, etc.)? This may or may not affect your research, but it is also just my opinion!


  2. hunterwake says:

    This is a great source for any research topic. This source is very interesting being that they kids did not receive the help they needed. I wonder why that is. You are on a good start in the process. I do agree that it would be a good idea to look into more specific types of psychology to find their roles.


  3. benrblack says:

    I absolutely love this research paper!!!!!! I have been feeling this way for so long, but it has been so hard to explain it to people by just saying “I suck at reading”. I have always understood sciences, math, and even the English language, but I could never read to save my life. My ACT score was pulled down too because my reading score was abysmal compared to my other three scores. So, in regards to personal discovery, I thank you for picking out this paper. In terms of actual research, this paper gets a 10/10 for the content, but I feel like the way that you want to present it could use a little tweak. I think that this research is talking more about this mental health “issue” as not really an issue at all. I think that it is saying that there is an issue with the way that the students are being taught because their abilities add up to be average, they are perceived to be average instead of strong in one subject and weak in another. I know that that was always the case with me. I always, and still am, perceived as an average student because of my grades and my ACT scores, but in reality, I really understand math, science, and English, and have just never gotten the proper help to boost my reading scores.


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