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My source is an article about drug development for disabilities. It highlights one of the main disabilities, fragile X syndrome, and talks about how scientists found that disability in animals too. They began researching it and are now starting the most comprehensive drug development for a neurodevelopment disorder ever. It will take some time before the drug is actual good to go though.

I plan to use this source to see what kind of amazing things can be cured. I want to know if every disease can be cured. This source proved that people are starting to cure what we once thought was incurable. In my paper I can talk about the things that people are trying to do. I can put this information as the peak of what people are trying to cure.


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  1. Brittany Kothari says:

    I find this topic really interesting because there is are many different ways you could research this. Speaking of research, it looks like you’ve found a great source that easily relates to your topic. I’ve already mentioned this numerous times, but Pubmed is extremely helpful for research like this! I also think it might be good to narrow down on a drug or disease you are interested in that way you are not trying to cover to many topics at once.


  2. hunterwake says:

    This source looks great for your topic. It is amazing what science has come to these days. We can cure and fix things that were once unimaginable. It makes me wonder where science will take us. Keep looking at where we are now in research, but I would take a look at what scientists and doctors would like to cure in the near future. I am sure their goals are even greater.


  3. kenaholson says:

    The website at first looks a little bit sketchy, but after reading it looked better. Maybe you could find a source that talks more about how they found the disability in animals and compare and contrast it in humans and animals.


  4. benrblack says:

    If I am being completely honest, there is a lot of research that you have to do before you can use this research. It is very language heavy, and a lot of the things that they are talking about are combinations of studies that may or may not help them cure a disease. As for the credibility of the work, I don’t doubt that the people conducting this research are good, but so far that is all that this study is. Research. I think that once more results on the research are published, then the source will become quite credible. I do think that once you understand what all of the proteins and genes that are going into the research, then you will be fully able to comprehend and use this source, but until you understand how the certain proteins function, what chromosome the gene is on, and exactly how this genetic disorder comes about, I think this is a very hard source to comprehend and use.


  5. This is only an abstract, or at least that’s all I can see. An abstract is like the blurb on a book jacket to entice you to read it. I couldn’t read the book jacket and act like I read the book, right? So, let’s see if you can access a full-text version – or show me that you have.


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