Harassment in Hollywood


This article is about Amber Tamblyn, an actress in Hollywood. Tamblyn was criticized by James Wood for the story of a new film she is in. The storyline is about a gay relationship between a 17 year old and a 24 year old. Tamblyn then called him out for trying to pick her up and take her to Las Vegas with him when she was only 16 years old. Woods was 60 years old at the time. Woods tells Tamblyn that she is a liar, and the article goes on to explain more about women who are shut down when they try to speak out on sexual harassment. It ends in a quote from Tamblyn saying, “The women I know, myself included, are done, though, playing the credentials game,” Tamblyn continued. “We are learning that the more we open our mouths, the more we become a choir. And the more we are a choir, the more the tune is forced to change.”

I think I can use this to give an example of sexual harassment in Hollywood, and to show that speaking up isn’t always easy.


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  1. whitbeckjacob says:

    Source is good quality because its the story of something that actually happened. This is a good example you can use in your research and it is a good eye-opener to the potential dangers of being an actress. There’s definitely more material out there that could fit well with your research alongside this source.


  2. burrdanielle says:

    Nice source and it is effective since it is current (9/17/2017). I think this does serve as an example of the sexual harassment in Hollywood and the challenge women face to speak up. Perhaps, you could search further into the reason she did not speak up sooner or look for a Psychology based source that explains why it is hard for women (victims) to speak up so the argument isn’t based solely on emotion. Additionally, I think it would be interesting and relevant to look into why there is a trend of women waiting to report sexual harassment that has happened years ago. Is this trend a result of changes in society? You could talk about the rise in feminism throughout the years or even just in recent years. From a legal standpoint, it is hard to serve justification when evidence is hard to come up with because the incident happened years ago. I think many cases like this (not only in Hollywood) often times do not serve the suspect the judgement they deserve in court. (Given that this may be considered known) Do the women speak out knowing that society will be able to judge fairly while courts cannot? What is their purpose (if any) of waiting to speak out? What are the effects of waiting?


  3. craigmeg18 says:

    This looks like a great source for your topic of choice. I think it is reliable and it gets the word out about what Tamblyn is trying to say. Do you think the sexual harassment is more common today than in the past? I would take this into a deeper thought of past experiences in Hollywood. I think this is an interesting topic because a lot of women have been speaking out about this suddenly.


  4. davidiscool11 says:

    Great source! We know sexual harassment does happen, but maybe turn the question around and ask, Why does it happen?


  5. Although you did retrieve this from Ebscohost, the source is still Time magazine – a trade publication. With your specific topic, you will need to balance out the celebrity source info and some deeper scientific research about sexual assault to strengthen your ethos.


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