Grand Challenges in Chemical Engineering

This is a link to a website that outlines a lot of challenges facing the engineering world today. I think that I could use this source in a lot of different ways, including helping me better understand what to research in the future. I didn’t know that chemical engineers worked in so many fields. My ultimate goal for this source is to use it for researching other fields of work so that I have a really good understanding of what I want to do in the future.


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  1. hunterwake says:

    I did not even realize that some of those processes were considered engineering. It truly is a field with a wide range of opportunity. I think that this source will help you narrow down an area of engineering that you may be interested in going into. Once you find that area, I would look into how you will get there or even more of what that career does. This source is a very reliable start to that process.


  2. kenaholson says:

    I think this is a great source to help you decide whether or not you think engineering is for you. It really shows potential issues you could face. It sounds like a really complex field but I think it could also be very cool if you are passionate about that stuff. Maybe you could look up the personal stories people have from specific fields of engineering.


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