Pediatric Nursing

I am interested in becoming a pediatric nurse. I love working with kids and having the feeling that I could have an impact in their life at an early age. I also would have the opportunity to watch my patients grow and develop into a young adults. I can then form a bond with my patients, which I feel is very important in healthcare. I have always been someone that cares about others and wants to help in some way. I feel that by being a nurse I will provide care and be able to make a difference in a child’s life.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. kateschroeder12 says:

    How long have you known that you want to be a pediatric nurse?


  2. Abbie Garness says:

    I think this sounds like the perfect job for you! What types of things would you be doing as a pediatric nurse?


  3. burrdanielle says:

    Your passion for this field is evident in your writing!! Also, it’s amazing that you are completing your CNA in high school and already moving forward towards your career! Not many high schoolers can say that they have committed the time and effort to become a CNA and pursue their future career!


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