Marketing and International Business

I am interested in the field of International Business and Marketing. I think that a degree in marketing and an understanding of business allows a person to work for any company, in any city or country. I hope to learn more about marketing tactics and how companies use marketing to their advantage, to keep loyal customers and attract new ones. I also want to learn different advertising strategies, and how business customs change from one country to the next. In my future, I hope to be able to travel and work internationally, so I would like to learn more about the opportunities International Business will provide.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. brittanykothari says:

    I think your future career is really interesting! What specific international marketing outlets are you thinking of going into?


  2. kateschroeder12 says:

    Where are different places around the world that you would like to work?


  3. burrdanielle says:

    I really like your ideas! The consumer market is indeed very interesting and tactical. I think attention needs to be brought to America’s consumerism and comparing it to other countries world-wide would really put it into perspective!!


  4. koltan18 says:

    While working around the world, would you want to stay in one location or travel to several locations? What kind of business would you like to market for?


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