Jake Whitbeck

I am interested in pursuing a career in accounting, mostly because I feel like I am good with numbers and I want to make bank.


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  1. hunterwake says:

    Do you want to be a broad accountant, or do you want to narrow your career (tax professional, financial advisor, etc.)?


  2. davidiscool11 says:

    Numbers are fun, but what is more fun is rolling in dough! Accounting sounds are awesome. Keep up the great work, but remember the most successful people follow passion not paychecks.

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  3. shaneskaar22 says:

    I agree with David, do what makes you happy. And since accounting pays well, if it’s enjoyable for you then you’ll be living the dream man!


  4. I have heard forensic accounting is a pretty timely and lucrative path – are you coming across that in your preliminary research?


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