As a student for all my life I have grown fond of history and it later grew to it being my favorite subject in school.  So I plan on doing something related to history when I finish college.  The closest idea I have for a job is being a history teacher as I am not afraid of being in front of a crowd and teaching sounds like a good fit for me.  Another idea that I recently found was being a dramaturg.  It is a historian sort of person who are hired by productions to see if the context of the play are historically accurate.


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  1. kateschroeder12 says:

    Those are some good ideas for jobs based on history knowledge. What area of history would you like to focus on?


  2. Andre Johnson says:

    Teaching is a great profession to get into. Teachers have the biggest impact on kids. My great aunt was a teacher and she said she loved it. History is a good subject to get into because as long as time keeps moving forward there will always be history.


  3. What grade do you see yourself teaching? College level? High school? And if so, what specific subject? Government related studies? Genocides? Human rights? Geography?


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