I am interested in a medical path and also chemistry. These areas are very broad, and I have yet to narrow it down. In terms of medicine, I have typically found the areas of family practice to be interesting. The great aspect about the medical field is that there are an incredible amount of different careers in it and each has its own job. That to me is very fascinating .


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  1. I was just reading: “A new report by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) predicts that a shortage of physicians in the U.S. is going to grow worse.

    The report estimates a shortfall ranging from 34,600 to 88,000 doctors by 2025, compared to what our growing and aging population may need. By 2030, the shortfall is expected to total anywhere from 40,800 to 104,900 doctors.”
    Hmm. Like all things health care, it seems like this may be a complicated issue.
    From a future doc. standpoint, what do you see when you look at the health care horizon? What should care look like? Who should get it? How? Do you have any qualms about going into the field, or is your confidence high?


  2. whitbeckjacob says:

    What are your career ideas involving your interest in chemistry?


  3. shaneskaar22 says:

    What intrigues you most about the medical field and chemistry in general?


  4. davidiscool11 says:

    You are a super smart person, and I think your brain alone can get you anywhere in life. You also have a very caring personality, and I think you’d be great in family practice.


  5. koltan18 says:

    Do you see yourself being interested in working with children or adults in the medical field?


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