Career Goals- Megan Craig

I am interested in neurology. I hope to become a neurosurgeon or at least a neurologist. The brain has always interested me in how it develops throughout life and how it performs our daily actions and thoughts. I want to help treat patients with Trigeminal Neuralgia and other uncommon diseases.


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  1. Brittany Kothari says:

    It’s so cool you want to become a neurosurgeon! What lead you to be interested in this career?

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  2. emilysteele1 says:

    That is a great goal, we need people like you who are driven and work extremely hard! How long does it take to become a neurologist and/or a neurosurgeon? Is there immediate need for them? slightly off topic but I’ve always wondered how surgeons get into the head… hmmm shower thoughts

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  3. I watched Dr. Strange once, and while that may not seem to have a connection at all, the guy who became Dr. Strange was at first a neurosurgeon. In the beginning of the movie, it showed a brief clip of a minor surgery in the brain stem, and I found it really really cool to watch someone interact with a person’s brain, knowing that they could permanently harm their patient if something went wrong with the surgery. We need more people that are willing to take responsibility for these types of operations, and I feel like you are a very gentle and responsible person, and I could see you doing very well in that career field.

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